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New MP4 videos for PascalsSubSluts and LukeHardyXXX

January 4th, 2018

Dear affiliates,

Upon a popular demand, ARLCash have now included MP4 tube videos for two of our sites: PascalsSubSluts and LukeHardyXXX.

You can find MP4 files in ARLCash: Ad Tools -> Downloadable Adtools -> MP4 Videos.

You are allowed to use our content as long as you are promoting us with a link and/or a banner next to videos. No specific requests, just use a common sense.

There is also a lot of new photo and video free hosted galleries included for both sites.

More promo tools for EdPowers, SexyMomma and 3amXXX on its way.

Got Questions About Stats, Content, Promo Tools? Please feel free to contact us anytime!

Skype: nettrust

Laurel Hertz
Skype: Laurel.Hertz